About us

About us

We are specialists in organising responsible events and creating experiences with a positive impact on a social, environmental and cultural level.

Our expertise is based on what we call the “5Cs”:

  • We COMPREHEND the business goals and we base on them for designing personalized events.
  • We are CONCIOUS about the many needs of our environment on social and environmental level and about the possibility for action in each case.
  • We CONECT the business world with entities and the rural environment.
  • We take CARE of every detail for turning a meeting or a team building into a responsible event.
  • We CERTIFICATE with data the positive impact that each event generates.


With more than 12 years of experience in tourism, environmental project management and R&D+i consultancy.

The values that best define the way of working of Dejando tu Huella are the following:

  1. Commitment: We generate responsible events with positive impact based on business needs and goals.
  2. Trust: We believe in the long‑term relationships based on understanding and transparency.
  3. Dedication: We strive to make each event an unforgettable experience taking care of every little detail with great passion.