Environmental preservation

Environmental preservation

We create different experiences in which, thanks to the team work and the natural environment, we generate a positive environmental impact, certificated with data through a report delivered to the participating company.

Here are some of the activities we personalize according to your needs:

Reforestation and reduction of carbon footprint

In collaboration with environment associations and NGOs, and depending on the time of year, we will propose the location and the type of activity. All of these start with a presentation by experts about the environment and the need for carrying out such action. Team work, having fun and saving the environment are our goals.

At the end of the activity, we will deliver a certificate of the reduction of the carbon footprint thanks to the CO2 that these trees will absorb.

Beach and stream clean up

We organize beach and stream clean ups. Before starting the activity, an introduction will be made about the chosen location and the type of waste we can find. We will hand out some cards to be able to quantify and classify them.

A report with the positive impact generated will be delivered to the teams when said waste is removed from the natural environment and recycled.

Making natural plant pots

The main goal of this experience is to promote environmental awareness and direct contact with nature. It consists of making a natural plant pot elaborated in an artisan way following a traditional Japanese technique. This type of plant is called Kokedama and combines art and nature.

Experiences with animals

We collaborate with some animal shelters where you can enjoy a different and very enriching day helping in the daily tasks of the care of the animals together with other environmental activities in an environment that invites you to connect with nature and with the people with whom you share the experience.