Rural flavours

Rural flavours

In our catalogue Rural Flavours and Labours, we offer a range of gastronomic and rural visits where you will see how some of our star gastronomic products are made in origin. Laughter, eagerness to learn and new tastes will be the main course.

Oil mills

We will visit a hundred-year-old oil mill, where the same family after several generations continues to hand-pick the olives and produces one of the best olive oils in the province. We will have the opportunity to go for a walk among olive trees, to visit the old stone mill and of course to taste some of the kinds of olive oil they make.

Making wine

A family of wine growers will open the doors of their estate to us, where we will begin the visit in the vineyards. There, they will explain the artisan work of the grapevine, and depending on the time of year, we will be able to see and participate in the different manual tasks that are carried out.

We will see how wine is made (and we will have the chance to make it ourselves too!), and we will end up pairing good wine with local gastronomic products.

Ecological farms

We organize personalized visits to agricultural and livestock farms, where we will have the opportunity to learn first‑hand about the lives of people who live in the countryside and who treat the land with care. We want to show the rural work from the inside, through a direct contact with these ways of life. Like this, we will enjoy the contact with nature and also we will be helping to preserve and revitalize said professions and the culture surrounding these.